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The latest Malayali actress Ananya to make her debut in Telugu films. Ananya is balancing her career between academics and films. In her final year of BA specializing in Journalism, Visual Communication Ananya has a very professional attitude towards films. Though she loves working in Malayalam movies, she spends most of her time watching films from all languages and wants to direct some day.

There is some innate charm and innocence about Ananya. She is also very forthcoming and startles you with her straight answers.

She says Telugu films, the dubbed versions or the remakes do very well in Kerala. Bommarillu starring Siddharth has been remade with Bharat. Girls, women love Allu Arjun and consider him a very happening actor.

"My friends in college never miss his films, all his films are a hit here, run for 100 days, they keep themselves constantly updated about him and even ask me about him if I have ever met him during my shoots in Hyderabad and so on."

The actress says her name Ananya means 'unique' or 'something that doesn't have an end'. She has played a very important role in the Tamil hit Nadodigal which is being remade here as Sambho Siva Sambho. Priyamani is playing Ananya's role.

She has done three Malayalam films so far - Positive, Rahasya Police and Fiddle. Her debut film in Telugu is 'Amayakudu' in which Krishnudu plays the hero. She says, "Don't get confused by my name. There is another Malayalam actress Saranya who is playing heroine in Krishnudu starrer 'Village Lo Vinayakudu'."

In Amayakudu, Ananya will be seen as Divya, a student in an engineering college, a rank holder in the State, has lot of problems at home, gets introduced to Krishnudu who will eventually propose to her. Krishnudu likes Divya and he in turn is liked by Geeta Singh. The actress began her career in films after being spotted in reality shows.

So how is the food in Hyderabad? She remarks, "It's very spicy. But I'm surprised people in Hyderabad keep eating here all the time. No wonder they are fat. In Kerala we eat only when we are hungry and we eat only little." There is little to dispute here as assistants were seen pampering the stars with salads, snacks, fruit juices every half an hour on the sets.


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